About Our Princess Luby


Welcome to our Princess Luby’s memorial site. I created this site so everyone in this world can know about our special cat who touched our hearts and was part of our family and to me like a sister. Back in 1988 some of my friends and I found her in a broken down car behind a house, there was 2 of them. One male and One female both looking alike same fur coat, same color. They both barely had their eyes open since they where probably left behind by the mother. Someone took the male from my friend and I ended up with the female, which was Luby. I don’t know what happened to her brother. I wish I knew. But I am sure he passed away a long time before her. I took her to my parent’s apartment and showed her to my parents. They both didn’t want me to have her. Well I decided to keep her anyway and finally they approved. From there we begin our journey for 18.5 years. She grew up as part of the family, we never let her out of the house. She was always home. She got what ever she wanted. She loved ice cream, chips, cheesecake, whiskas cat food, and friskies ocean fish flavor dry cat food. She was a very picky eater. She never eat anything from the table.

She was the princess of the house even taking over my status. My parents soon adored her and took care of her very well. I being the only child found my playmate. Luby and me used to play fight all the time. When she was younger she used to play all kind of games. She was also a bit wild. Sometimes aggressive to anyone other than immediate family. I might have partially to do with training her in defensive tactics when she was young which is why she was a bit aggressive. We used to play like that and she learned all the tricks of being a good fighter. We had her neutered when she was young which probably helped her live a longer life span. But because of that we don’t have any of her offspring.

As she aged she became closer and closer to the family. She became so close to the family no one ever went on vacations together or left her with anyone. Always someone stayed with her. Years went by where she ruled the house and everyone in it. We moved from house to house and she adapted well. During her final years she spend her life in a large house with all the freedom to roam the house and the outside terrace. Even though she preferred being inside. She loved birds it always seemed to get her attention when a bird flew by.

To us she was just never a cat she was someone special. I guess after many years of being with humans, animals realize us and can read us. Cause she knew how we where. She knew when there were arguments and she would actually step in to stop it. She sent my dad to the hospital once to getting loud with my mother. She also sent me to the hospital for getting angry with my dad. But no matter what she loved us. We knew that. She showed her love to us very much even to the end of her days.

Toward the end she moved away from all of us. She separated from all of us and slept by herself. We really didn’t want to take her to the vet because she was very scared of them and she became very aggressive. Toward the end we took her to many vets including a specialist center for animals due to an ulcer on her face. We where told she was suffering kidney damage due to age and she was dying. Her wound healed perfectly well with the antibiotic therapy. Even though the antibiotics were putting enormous strain on her already failing kidneys which probably played a good part in her passing away quicker.

We where told to give her IV injections of ringers lactate every other day under her skin. It hurt her a bit but we felt she needed to get the fluids to hydrate herself. But within a month after we started her therapy it seemed her kidneys got overwhelmed and fluid filled her lungs, she couldn’t breathe. We don’t know if it was caused by the injections, which might have caused fluid, overload on her already failing kidneys. It seems her kidneys finally gave up. On Sept 15 - 9 AM - 2005 she ran to the bathroom from the table and she dropped by the stairs and drew her last breath with a meow in pain and her heart stopped and we lost her in this life forever. In our hearts & minds she still lives on until we see her again one day when our times comes.

Luby sleeping on bed


Her Coffin

Her Final Resting Place under the grape wine at our house.


A very many thanks to the vets who helped us with Luby during the end. Thank you. I wish we had you as our primary doctors since the beginning.